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23 Sep

Do you want to feel free while driving your car? Forget about where the phone went after you made a sudden movement or had to get to a full stop break. Stop worrying about your cellphone dropping to the car floor mat to a place out of your reach. 

Do you know why? Easy, because we do not want you to be distracted with this type of issues while driving. We want you to arrive sound and safe to your destination. Road accidents free is our goal and we know, we can help you achieve it while using this cute and easy to use device.

Enyoy your driving experience instead. Do not miss a call because you forgot to charge your mobile phone, overnight. Be always available for your friends, family and customers. But don´t forget to use it in combo with a handsfree set. We do not want you to get a ticket for misusing your phone and I bet, neither do you. 

It comes with an automatic infrared sensor that will automatically adjust to your cellphone size, so it can hold it tightly enough without causing any damage to it. Therefore the phone will not drop to the floor even if you are driving through a bumpy road. You will not need to remove your phone case in order to be able to charge your phone. It supports even 4mm cases without any problem. It will not slow or affect the charging speed. 

It comes equipped with a clip that will perfectly fit in almost any car vent and with a strong suction cup in case you prefer to use it on the dashboard instead.

The Built-in Qi-certified fast wireless charger, 7.5w is compatible with iPhone XS max/XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus, 10w for Samsung S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/Note 5 and Other Qi-Enabled Phones. 

I hope your is in the list so you can start using this amazing device.

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