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  • Brand: RE
  • SKU: SRE-WE001D

Product Description

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  • 2019 UPGRADE BUILT-IN SMART CHIP: -- With the new R&D process, the chip is smarter, provides less power consumption, the sound quality is superior, and a high-fidelity stereo quality can be guaranteed. More long lasting battery life for a longer playing time.                                                                       
  • HiFi SOUND QUALITY: -- For your concert hall-like enjoyment, the smart chip has superb sound processing capability, the sound quality of the player is high-definition, stereo bass, and even comes with embedded noise canceling function that will allow you to enjoy high-quality sound while exercising or when you just want to do any other activity with the freedom of messy wires.                                                                 
  • LONGER PLAY TIME: -- Compared with other headphones, They usually can only provide 3-4 hours of playing time, but, our model uses highly advance chips that can provides up to 7 playing hours, and a standby time of 150 hours. Choose ours, enjoy music anytime, anywhere.                                                     
  • 3000mAh CHARGING CASE: -- The large capacity charging case can fully charge the earbuds 8 times, can also be used to charge your mobile phone or tablet. No need to worry about the battery lifetime, easy to use anytime, anywhere.                                                              
  • COMFORTABLE FIT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: -- It has a mini in-ear design and extremely light weight. Different size ear tips that will fit your ear in a perfect way allowing you to be more comfortable. It will block any surrounding noise so you can enjoy your favorite music. Very comfortable to wear and it will not fall off.