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18 May

It is nothing new #homeoffice has become practically the common for most of us, with so many things happening today and without the slightest idea of when it will be safe to return to what we call "normal life" it seemed like yesterday we were advised to stay at home for a few days until everything calmed down and that's what we did.

The vast majority thinking that it would take a few weeks, at most a month. It's been a little more than that and now we don't know when we can go out.

For now, most of the people are calling #homeoffice the “new normal”, and for having your office at home you must have the right tools to excel in your daily work routine and most of those tools stayed at the office. But if you are a designer you can be calm because what you mostly need is always with you. your Ipad/tablet and your stylus. (I hope you didn’t forget that either) For us, it is essential to always have your stylus at hand. 

A wonderful tool for digital artists, the stylus transforms your work. when it comes to architects or graphic designers, they're a cutting-edge tool.

Not all of us can have the privileged and allowed us to work remotely from home.

Buying the best stylus for your home office can be tricky, there are plenty of cheap styluses, which are essentially plastic pens, oh no, but you don’t need those.

You need one that has tactile ends that ensure your device's screen doesn't get scratched. 

With features that include buttons to change the style of drawing or writing, So, as a press of a button can change the thickness of the lines the stylus draws or the color. Or using the back part as an eraser.

The Am-re #Stylus pen Tip is our pick for the best stylus overall. 

Bang per buck

For the first part of our analysis, we look at the price of our stylus, and because it's not one of the cheapest ones it's your best option on the market. standing at a 29.99 USD price range. Even though we have many other varieties, what makes the Am-re stylus-pen stand out is its fine point, with 1.5mm it makes those perfectly precise lines you are looking for.

 It manages to bring a decent amount of features without over complicating things. So, it doesn't need paring up with your Android device, instead, you can just begin using it. This means it's compatible with most touch-screen devices as well. However, it does have a built-in battery, which helps give the stylus a bit more control over your drawing, as it uses Reflective Electro Static. 

The battery is good for 10 hours and can be charged via Micro-USB. Beautifully designed and well balanced, so it feels good to draw and write with it.

Lets Talk Warranty

This stylus has one year of use in all its components as a warranty, which leaves you at ease knowing that you have nothing to worry about because the company has you covered.

Over all

For anyone looking for a high-quality piece of equipment to deliver on your work, you can't go wrong with the Am-re Stylus pen.

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