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30 Aug

Power Banks are one of our flag products. This one for example is one of our 10000mAh.  It allows you to charge up to 2 cellphones at the same time. It comes with 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port, one LED lights indicator with 4 different levels, that will let you identify how much power there is at the moment to charge your cellphone or other electronic device.

In this case, this model comes in multitone: white and blue, making it easy for you to identify where is it located whenever you are in a rush and don´t have much time to look for it. But most importantly is that you can take it anywhere because, it easily fits in any pocket or small bag, it is not too big or too heavy. You can carry it even inside an airplante. It complies with strict safety and security measures, that makes them safe to be used inside any airplane. 

Right now you can find it available for purchase in our company website and in our US Amazon Store. Here are their respective links so you can go there and check them out or why not, purchase it. 

Website: https://am-re.us 

US AMAZON store: https://www.amazon.com/Portable-10000mAh-Universal-High-Speed-Compatible/dp/B07TRK3KRX

At this time, at our Amazon store is being offered in a combo with 2 of our phone ring holders, this as a way to facilitate you the handling and carriage of both products, because, when you use them, your device can remain put in any desk or table, you will not have to worry about falling down. Evenmore, it makes them easy to carry, you can take them from one place to another in your hands making sure that they will remain firmly grip to your finger and that you will not forget them anywhere.

So, go ahead and purchase it now, male your life easier and stay connected at all times. We know that staying connected an in touch with your friends, relatives, business contacts and customers is very important for each of you.

I am looking forward for your comments, suggestions. We are here working for you, to provide you always with the best in technology and customer service.

See you later and have a great day!

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